joi, 9 iulie 2009

The Mastery of Love by don Miguel Ruiz

The truth is relative in this world; it's changing all the time
because we live in a world of illusions. What is true right now is not
true later. Then it could be true again. The truth in hell could also
be just another concept, another lie that can be used against you.
Our own denial system is so powerful and strong that it becomes
very complicated. There are truths covering lies, and lies covering
truth. Like peeling an onion, you uncover the truth little by little
until in the end, you open your eyes to find out that everyone
around you, including yourself, is lying all the time.
Almost everything in this world of illusion is a lie. That is why I
ask my apprentices to follow three rules for seeing what is true.
The first rule is: Don't believe me.
You don't have to believe me, but think, and make choices.
Believe what you want to believe according to what I say, but only
if it makes sense for you, if it makes you happy. If it guides you
into your awakening, then make the choice to believe it. I am
responsible for what I say, but I am not responsible for what you
understand. We live in a completely different dream. What I say,
even if it is absolutely true for me, is not necessarily true for you.
The first rule is very easy: Don't believe me.
Rule number two is more difficult: Don't believe yourself. Don't
believe all the lies you tell yourself - all those lies that you never
chose to believe, but were programmed to believe. Don't believe
yourself when you say you are not good enough, you are not
strong enough, you are not intelligent enough. Don't believe your
own boundaries and limitations. Don't believe you are unworthy of
happiness or love. Don't believe you are not beautiful. Don't
believe whatever makes you suffer. Don't believe in your own
drama. Don't believe in your own Judge or your own Victim. Don't
believe the inner voice that tells you how stupid you are, that tells
you to kill yourself. Don't believe it, because it isn't true. Open
your ears, open your heart, and listen. When you hear your heart
guiding you to your happiness, then make a choice and stick to it.
But don't believe yourself just because you say so, because more
than 80 percent of what you believe is a lie - it isn't true. The second
rule is a difficult one: Don't believe yourself.
Rule number three is: Don't believe anyone else. Don't believe other
people because they are lying all the time anyway. When you no
longer have emotional wounds, when you don't have the need to
believe other people just to be accepted, you see everything more
clearly. You see if it is black or white, if it is or is not. What is right
now, maybe in a few moments is not. What is not right now,
maybe in a few moments will be. Everything is changing so fast,
but if you are aware, you can see the change. Don't believe others
because they will use your own stupidity to manipulate your mind.
Don't believe anyone who says she comes from Pleiades and she
wants to save the world. Bad news!
We don't need anyone to come and save the world. The world
doesn't need the aliens to come from the outside to save us. The
world is alive; it's a living being, and it's more intelligent than all of
us together. If we believe the world needs to be saved, soon someone
will come and say, "Okay, a comet is coming, we need to
escape from the planet. Kill yourself and boom! You will reach the
comet and go to heaven." Don't believe these mythologies. You
create your own dream of heaven; no one can create it for you.
Nothing but common sense will guide you to your own happiness,
your own creation. Rule number three is difficult because we have
the need to believe other people. Don't believe them.
Don't believe me, don't believe yourself, and don't believe
anyone else. By not believing, whatever is untrue will disappear
like smoke in this world of illusion. Everything is what it is. You
don't need to justify what is true; you don't need to explain it.
What is true doesn't need anyone's support. Your lies need your
support. You need to create a lie to support the first lie, another lie
to support that lie, and more lies to support all of those lies. You
create a big structure of lies, and when the truth comes out,
everything falls apart. But that's just the way it is. You don't need
to feel guilty because you are lying.
Most of the lies we believe simply dissipate if we don't believe
them. Whatever is not true will not survive skepticism, but the
truth will always survive skepticism. What is truth is true, believe it
or not. Your body is made of atoms. You don't have to believe it.
Believe it or not, it is true. The universe is made of stars; this is
true, believe it or not. Only what is true will survive, and that
includes the concepts you have about yourself.
We have said that when we were children, we didn't have the
opportunity to choose what to believe and what not to believe.
Well, now it is different. Now that we are grown, we have the
power to make a choice. We can believe or not believe. Even if
something is not the truth, if we choose to believe it, we can
believe it just because we want to believe it. You can choose how
you want to live your life. And if you are honest with yourself, you
will know you are always free to make new choices.

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